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Ball Bearings and Disc Springs 
In this industry the stakes cannot be higher as you are looking at life and death situations. Medical tools are an extension of the surgeon’s hand and so the consistency of feel is crucial. Furthermore with any intrusive surgery the risks associated with leaving behind any debris cannot be understated and for this reason only products of assured high quality would be considered. This is why ABIS ball bearings are used across a number of such applications having been proven to meet the demands of high speed surgical tools whilst maintaining a consistent feel and high levels of maintenance free life.

Also used within the medical industry are Schnorr disc springs being used for numerous reasons such as the preloading of bearings, and for absorbing shock felt on sensitive components during a surgical process. Schnorr disc springs are also widely used on prosthetics where spring stacks are used to absorb impact energy to ensure the comfort of the wearer. Once again quality is paramount as the function of prosthetic is dependant on the function of the springs and also life is a major factor. 


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