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Schnorr Safety Washers

Reliable and economic fasteners

schnorr safety washers

The Schnorr safety washers are in the form of a disc spring which is serrated on both sides and of trapezoidal cross section. Their diameters are matched to screw dimensions. The outer diameter of the washer is matched to the head diameter of pan-head and hexagon socket head cap screws.

As a result, the serrated safety washer can be used with practically any screw and bolt type, including those with recessed heads. The only exception are countersunk screws.

The ingenious form of the Schnorr serrated safety washer combines the advantages of security through friction and mechanical locking.

They offer the following advantages: 

  • The serrations lock the washers positively resisting vibration 
  • Concentric force transmission and uniform axial load eliminate bending torques and deformation of the bolt stem
  • The design of the serrations prevent friction and damage to components when tightening 
  • High safety factor against loss of preload and loosening
  • Wide variety of materials and different finishes
  • The closed ring form results in a high degree of pre-tensioning, whilst avoiding burst-open effect 

The Schnorr serrated safety washer is available in two versions: 

Standard Type 'S' is available for bolts or screws M1.6 to M36 for grades up to 8.8.

Reinforced Type 'VS' for bolts or screws for grades 8.8 and 10.9.



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