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Schnorr Disc Springs

Disc Spring Engineering
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spring parameters for dimensions & calculation

Disc springs are determined essentially by the following three parameters: 

δ =  Outside diameter De 
Inner diameter Di 
Ho/t =
Cone height Io - t 
Disc thickness t 
De/t =  Outside diameter De 
Disc thickness t 
If at all possible, the parameters above should be within the following values: 
δ       =    1.75…2.5 
ho/t   =    0.4…1.3 
De/t   =    16…40 
For smaller values δ, smaller values of ho/t and De/t also apply and vice-versa.

For steel springs with dimensions within these limits, formula 7 can be used without restriction. For very thin disc springs (De/t > 50) the formula results in spring forces which are too high.

Formula 7

For very narrow disc washers with a ratio of diameters of De/Di < 1.75, the shortening of the lever arm must be considered when calculating the force. This is brought about by the rectangular cross-section and by the rounded edges and results in the calculation of too low a load. In all such cases please contact us.


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