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GRW High Precision Ball Bearings

High precision ball bearings in grades up to ABEC 9 with bores from 1 to 30mm and comparable inch dimensions


Inch/Metric Bearing
Desired Bore
Desired Outer Diameter

mounting of bearings

Flanged ball bearings

There are many advantages in using miniature and instrument ball bearings which have a flange on the outer ring. Steeped housing bores, which make it impossible or very difficult to maintain accurate alignment of both bearing fits, are not necessary. There is also no need for the use of circlips, which create difficulties in small housing bores or thinned walled housings (see Figure 7).

Furthermore the assembly of flanged bearings is relatively narrow housings (i.e. gearboxes) has proved effective (see Figure 8). 

If duplex bearings are used, the use of a flange bearing simplifies the design of the locating bearing. The axial position of the Duplex bearing pair can be determined precisely for this arrangement (see Figure 9). 


Ball bearings with extended inner rings

Ball bearings with an extended inner can simplify the design of various assemblies. Shims, washers and other spacers are unnecessary. Stepped shafts are also redundant (see Figure 10). 

Ball bearings with heavy outer rings

Ball bearings with their outer rings supported by fitting in a housing can take highest loads. To increase the load capacity of ball bearings which are not built into housing different types such as ‘special ball bearings with heavy outer rings’ were developed and are used as so-called rollers (see Figure 11). 

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