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Fuji Bearing Lock Nuts

eliminate keyways and tab washers


Test Conditions

Sample size   M55 x 2.0
Speed of revolution   2,300rpm
Testing cycles   One cycle (forward rotation, stop, reverse rotation, stop): 10 seconds
Stopping time   One forward rotation: 0.30 seconds. For reverse rotation: 0.27 seconds

Internal force applied to the nut during stopping

Sample Nut

Inertial Force : N.m (kgf.cm)

For forward rotation

For reverse rotation

Standard Bearing Nut

0.14 (1.42)

0.15 (1.57)

FUJI Locknut

0.15 (1.52)

0.17 (1.69)


Sample Nut

Sample No

Result on endurance text

Standard Bearing

Nut & Washer


Washer damaged & nut came off at approx. 110,000 cycles


Washer damaged & nut came off at approx. 330,000 cycles

FUJI Locknut


No change after 500,000 cycles


An interesting point to note is the difference in failure times between the two lock washers caused by inconsistent assembly. This is avoided by using the FUJI Locknut.

External view of testing machine    External view of damaged & detached washers (sample No 2) 


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