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Fuji Bearing Lock Nuts

eliminate keyways and tab washers

axial impact vibration test

Test Conditions 

Machine - NAS high speed screw loosening tester 

Sample size  M20 x 1.0 
Frequency  21Hz 
Excitation stroke  11mm 
Impact stroke  10mm 
Vibrating acceleration of excitation table         10G 
Test time  60 minutes 
Direction of impact  Bolt axis direction 
Clamping torque  53.9N.m ( 









Test Results

Sample Nut

Excitation Time (Minutes)

      10           20            30           40           50          60

Test Results

Standard bearing nut with tongued washer



     Δ - x damaged washer (11 minutes)


Nut came off

FUJI Locknut


No effect


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