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FEY Labyrinth Sealing Rings

Protect components in dirty and abrasive environments up to 700oC

fk8 plastic laminar ring carrier seals

Outside sealing plastic ring carrier seal units are used to seal ball and roller bearings against loss of grease and ingress of dirt or splash water. They are made from Polyamide 6.

Plastic ring carrier seals are also used for vehicle axles, other wheels, pulleys, drive systems in vehicles, construction equipment, fire engines, etc.

Some ring carrier seals are equipped with an additional sealing lip which comes in contact with the bearings outer race. This is advantageous where high levels of splash water are encountered.

Design 1

Ring carrier with short lip

for symmetrical bearings

Design 2

Ring carrier with long lip for

tapered roller bearings

Design 3

Ring carrier without

sealing lip
 Dimensions/Application Dimensions/Application  Dimensions/Application


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