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FEY Labyrinth Sealing Rings

Protect components in dirty and abrasive environments up to 700oC

laminar piston rings

FK2 Laminar piston rings

For pistons of internal combustion engines, compressors, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment and shock absorbers,

The FK2 laminar piston rings are manufactured to work with or without cast iron piston rings.

FK2 piston rings offer many advantages in applications where physical size limits the use of cast iron rings. FEY Laminar Piston Rings are excellent choices for hydraulic and pneumatic piston seals. Laminar piston rings are used to seal shock absorbers. 

FK2 Application

FK4 Laminar piston rings 

For pistons of freeform and drop forging machine, hydraulic controls and presses.

FK 4 laminar piston rings have been designed for the particular requirements of freeform and drop forging machines and presses and hydraulic controls. Ring profiles and features offer optimal performance in these applications.

FK4 Application

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