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GRW High Precision Ball Bearings

High precision ball bearings in grades up to ABEC 9 with bores from 1 to 30mm and comparable inch dimensions

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The assembly conditions are very important for ball bearings to function correctly. The shoulders for the inner and outer ring should allow the axial load to be transferred safely without allowing the rings to tilt against each other. 

These examples apply analogously to the ball bearing housing


The values for the largest (da max) and for the smallest (da min) permissible shoulder diameter for the shaft and the values for the largest permissible shoulder diameter for the housing (Da max) are given in the dimension tables.

The following specifications should be taken into consideration:  

  • The shoulder diameter of the housing must in any case be smaller than Da max, the shoulder diameter of the shaft much not be smaller than da min.
  • The radius on the shaft and housing must not be larger than the corner radius rs min of the ball bearing. An undercut if preferable here. The edge radii of the ball bearings are not suitable for locating the ball bearing in any way.
  • The axial runout of the mating surfaces should not be greater than the maximum axial runout of the ball bearing used. The performance of the ball bearing could otherwise be influenced.


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