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GRW High Precision Ball Bearings

High precision ball bearings in grades up to ABEC 9 with bores from 1 to 30mm and comparable inch dimensions

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High-precision ball bearing handling

GRW ball bearings are manufactured with extreme care and then packaged in order to avoid contamination and corrosion. During mounting of the bearings, the following advice should be heeded:

  • Bearings should be stored in their original package in clean, dry rooms, under constant temperature conditions
  • Bearings should only be removed from their original packaging shortly after installation if possible using tweezers or finger stalls
  • Care should be taken that the place of assembly is clean and well lit and that all other parts are equally clean
  • The bearings should not be subjected to shock and assembly force should only be applied to the ring being fitted, never transferred through the balls
  • If glued connections are used care should be taken to ensure that excess glue does not enter the bearing
  • Re-lubrication should only be carried out with the identical lubricant with identical purity. We recommend having the bearings lubricated by the manufacturer. 

Failure analysis

Special examinations are essential in order to establish the cause of failure or to estimate the life expectancy of bearings. We will be pleased to assist you in this matter.

Valuable information is obtained if bearings are disassembled and examined after a certain time of operation and not only after failure.

If you dismount bearings, mark the bearing rings so you can reproduce the original position.


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